Aadhar Pay – BHIM Aadhar Payment App Download & How to Use

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Aadhar Pay – BHIM Aadhar Payment App Download & How to Use

Aadhar Pay is a new mobile app to be launched by the central government to promote the use of digital payments. The new smartphone app may be named as “BHIM – Aadhar Pay” and will be launched in 14th April. BHIM Aadhar Pay app would be a merchant app which will allow customers to pay using their thumb impression.

BHIM – Aadhar Pay is a biometric-based payment system which will allow all the Aadhar Linked account holders to carry out transactions just by the use of their thumb impression. The initiative is the part of increasing the use of digital payments.

Aadhar Pay – BHIM Aadhar Payment App

The main objective of the Aadhar Pay App is to increase the use of digital payments and bringing transparency in the economy. The central government has already launched UPI based BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) app in order to push the number of digital transactions and making the country a cashless economy.

Narendra Modi Government has asked all the public sector banks to come on board the Aadhar Payment System by April 14th. IDFC bank has already launched its own version of Aadhar Payment App few weeks ago. The government has also asked the banks to encourage the merchants to use the Aadhar Pay App to receive payments from their customers. The government expects adding 5 Lakh merchants on board within just two weeks after the launch of the app.

Aadhar Payment App Download & Use

However, the app would be available on play store after launch on 14th April. After that, you can follow the below steps to download Aadhar Pay app from the Google Play Store

  1. Visit play.google.com from your desktop or open play store app in your android mobile.
  2. Search for “Aadhar Pay” or “BHIM Aadhar Pay” in the search box and select the official app from the list.
  3. Click the “Download” button and click “Accept” for giving permissions to the app.
  4. App would be downloaded and installed.
  5. After installing, the merchants would be required to connect their bank account with the app where they want to receive payments from their customers.
  6. Merchants would be required to attach a fingerprint scanner with the mobile app in order to receive payments from customers.

The direct link to download Aadhar Pay app would be available only after the app is launched.

Benefits of Aadhar Pay App

The Aadhar Pay app would completely eliminate the use of credit/debit cards for payments and will also help reduce the theft of private banking information. In order to pay through the Aadhar Pay App, customers would not be required to install any app or even a smartphone.

If the bank account of the customer is linked with their Aadhar Number, they would be able to pay just by using their thumb impression. In case, the customer have multiple bank accounts, they can select the bank account from the list which is displayed in the App after thumb impression and then proceed.

Fingerprint will work as the security password to authenticate every transaction using the app….

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